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Polymer Clay and Paper Beads

Posted on Nov 8, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 7 comments

I try to practice ordinary courage everyday by doing little things that I normally “hate” or “scared” to do.  I have been  drooling over yummy polymer clay creations on youtube and admiring the work of several talented artists.  It can be scary sometimes to try new things don’t you think?  I know I feel this way because of fear of failure.  What if the outcome is disappointing?  Well, here I am taking the plunge and I want you to see it.


I learned from my research on polymer clay that there are two things you MUST do: condition your clay really well (I just conditioned the clay for these cup cakes by hand) and sand it after to take out smudges like thumb prints.


Now that I have by feet wet might as well take a bath right?  🙂  I am not going to do a tutorial on polymer clay because there are a lot of experts out there and you can just go to youtube and you will know what I mean.   I love the fact that polymer beads are fun and a good mix with paper beads, that being said I am coming up with another polymer clay project to go with paper beads.


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