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Trash to Treasure

Posted on Jan 30, 2010 in Musings | 2 comments

I have mentioned in passing my penchant for anything, altered, used, second hand or recycled.  I don’t think I’m being taken seriously though when I say that I’d rather wear paper beads jewelry than diamonds (a girl’s best friend right?).  My husband, ever since I discovered paper beads and how I can turn them into beautiful jewelry stopped getting me real jewelry for birthdays and Valentine’s Day.  He knows that  he doesn’t get to see me wear them.    I love the attention when I am at a gathering and I will be the only one wearing paper beads jewelry.  My mind whirls with ideas and imagination when I find “trash” I know can be turned into something useful.   While we were setting up our booth at the CHA last Saturday, I saw string of plastic strewn all over the floor soon to be picked up by the cleaning crew.  As I was picking them up from the floor I can already imagine turning it into a purse or a throw pillow.  I just have the time to clean it today and rolled them up into a ball.  It was so much fun for my dog Bo and the new addition to our family Julius.  You can see it here yourself.




Bo did not leave me alone, he was determined to have fun just as much as i did.


Julius, does not want to be left behind with all the excitement of rolling this long piece of plastic strip into a ball.



Part of the fun is the creating part, I am thinking of making a throw pillow with paper beads embellishments or a purse, what do you think?  I hope I have inspired you to turn your trash into treasure.


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