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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on Nov 25, 2009 in Events and Experiences | Comments Off on Happy Thanksgiving!

Around this time, a prayer I learned as a child from my mother comes to mind:

Thank you for the world so sweet

Thank you for the food we eat

Thank you for the birds that sing

Thank you God, for everything

– E. Rutter Leatham

I loved the simplicity of this poem and it always evokes childhood memories for me.  I remember sitting down with my mother and saying it over and over until I had it memorized.  I looked up the author of this poem and found it here.

It was a beautiful day today, perfect for sitting outside with friends.


It is not complete without the guava punch.


A table set with napkin rings made out of paper beads.


Sweet sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.


Salted eggs



Turkey cup cakes that someone brought over to share.


Here’s to all the things that we’re thankful for….


Delicious Cream Caramel by my friend Susie.





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Little Christmas Trees

Posted on Nov 15, 2009 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

I have received these Cone Shaped paper beads the other day and it took me a few days to come up with something.  Here is what I came up with today; little Christmas trees that can decorate a mantle or miniature Christmas village.



The materials I used are: 22 gauge craft wire, bead cap (for the tree top) and 4mm swarovski crystals.



I always have a hard time taking step by step photos for a how-to tutorial, the video is still the best way to give a tutorial, don’t you think so?  Please email me or leave me a comment if it’s worth doing a video tutorial for this piece.  I’m sure if you are already into jewelry-making you can figure it out by just looking at the photos here and the materials I used which I mentioned above.

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More Paper Beads Today

Posted on Nov 9, 2009 in Musings | 6 comments

I have received a package from my sister today, and she always suprise me with new stuff!  She made my day today…


What’s in it?  Let’s see:


The bamboo and metal roller with same bamboo handles.


Some are cone shaped or what I call the little Christmas trees.  These are so neat because you can still see some words on them.


She wants me to show you how to make the little round paper beads and she already cut the paper for me.  She was not this nice when she was little 🙂


It also came with just the regular paper bead tubes.



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