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Beautiful Paper Beads by Elim

Posted on Feb 3, 2010 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 6 comments

Elim discovered her love for jewelry making when her fiance’s mom gave her a bunch of beads.  The internet and youtube became Elim’s online school for jewelry making like most of us.  Isn’t it fun that you can just google anything and everything?  She stumbled on how to make paper beads and according to her “I couldn’t help myself from making so many.”  She couldn’t make enough for family and friends who just love her creations.  To see more of Elim’s paper bead jewelry, you can see it here.

Elim favors the candy colors like this bracelet with the heart charm, perfect for Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?


With the matching earrings


She made this necklace for a 7 year old girl.



She made this blue paper beads necklace and bracelet set for her mother’s friend who is going to be a grandma.  How neat is that?  Blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl.  What a neat idea!


I have never tried making them in pure black like this bracelet, I think this came out really nice paired with silver beads.


Don’t you think these rings are so fun?  I think they would be perfect with paper beads jewelry.



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