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Paper Bead Bee Earrings

Posted on Sep 13, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 7 comments

I have thought of so many things to call this pair of buzzers:)  The Buzz, Bee Spectacular, Bees On My Ears, I hear a buzzing sound….the minute Kayla and I saw these bee beads we couldn’t wait to fashion wings and antenna for it.  The technique?  Free form wire wrap!  Meaning, no pattern just do spirals and coils and let imagination take over.


The bead itself is made out of scrap book paper, I guess the other thing you can do is just make it from one strip of plain paper and paint it yellow and black.


I used 24 gauge craft wire for the wings and antennae


This is one bee I don’t mind buzzing on my ears 🙂


Important Announcement: Cathy, you won the Graduated Turtle Bracelet giveaway.  If you are reading this, please email me your address so I can send it to you.  Should we have another paper bead swap?  Any ideas?

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