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Bird of Paradise Inspired Paper Bead Necklace

Posted on Feb 5, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 2 comments

I don’t know if you are like me, who finds inspiration in everyday things. When I take my walks in the morning, I am always greeted by beautiful bird of paradise blooms. They look so regal and just happy. When I saw the orange colored paper beads, I knew I had to name this necklace Bird of Paradise.


I used a three dimensional sticker from a scrap booking store, for backing and support, I cut out a rectangle from a poster board and put a strip of paper clay on the sides so it looks like a frame.  I threaded a wire through the poster board and made a loop.  You don’t have to use the foam board, you can just use any kind of clay or a thicker board to use as backing for the sticker.  I painted the backing with acrylic paint after, and coated the paper with diamond glaze or any medium of your choice.




For the neck chain I threaded a suede chord through chain and finished it by knotting silver beads.  It was not necessary to put a clasp, this way you can wear it in its full length and just slip it over your head or pull the two chords for a shorter or choker style necklace.


Here it is worn long.


Or as a choker


You can never go wrong with paper beads.  It is hand made by you and therefore unique.  I hope I have inspired you to make something today.


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