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Play with Paper Beads and Paper Clay

Posted on Jan 6, 2010 in Other Crafts & Crafty People | 3 comments

I am introduced lately to paper clay, how?  By wandering around craft stores, getting inspired, getting ideas, if you are into all sorts of paper crafts like me you know what I mean.  Creative Paper Clay, is just like any other clay except, it is easier to work with and requires no firing in a kiln or oven.  I like doing things simple and this requires no experience it all.  It is very light when dry, like soft wood.  It is great companion for paper beads and so I made a beaded paper clay bead with small paper beads.

paper clay

Paper Clay once taken out of the package just looks like dough and it is soft and moist.  I cut out one with a cooker cutter to show you how it looks like unpainted.


You can sand it, and paint it if you like.  What I did with mine is mixed in red acrylic paint to a hue of pink to go with my paper beads.  Here’s an example of other beads I made; I glued crystals on it and varnish it with diamond glaze to make it look like a disco ball and the other one, I crocheted around it, I like it better than crochething around wood or beads, because I can make it any size and color I want.


Here is my paper beaded ball!  I like holding it and rolling it around my hands, I don’t know what to do with it yet, maybe a pendant or something.


I used monofilament string or fishing line so it does not show and strung a red seed bead, 7 small paper beads, a red seed bead and just go around the bead.  For this size of bead which is about, 25 mm I used up 3 strands or 77 small paper beads.


This will be listed on my etsy shop, so someone can make it into a pendant or do something special with it.  I hope this has inspired you to make something with paper beads today.

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