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How to Measure and Cut Paper Beads

Posted on Nov 9, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials | 13 comments

I was asked by one reader if there is a template for measuring and cutting paper for paper bead making.  I guess there is, but that would limit the size in terms of length of your strip of paper.  The longer paper strip will make a more round and thicker bead.  Here is a tutorial on how to cut the paper for paper bead making.  I showed it here in a piece of regular printing paper so you can see the marks I made.  You can apply this principle to longer paper.


You need to mark the top part and bottom edges of your paper to your desired size of your beads.  In this case I marked the 1/4 inch for a smaller bead.



I would then take my ruler, to trace the dots and connect them forming a triangular shape.  Tip:  If you want a longer paper you just need to use two sheets or two magazine pages glued together and use the yard stick instead of just regular ruler.


It should look like this.


You can then cut it into strips by using a craft knife or scissors.  Below are cut up magazines ready for rolling into paper beads.


Now you’re ready to make some beautiful paper beads.  So, go ahead check out your mailbox for those glossy holiday catalogues they’re sending out this year and turn them into beautiful wearable art.


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Bamboo Paper Bead Roller

Posted on Oct 2, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials | 1 comment

Got old magazines and left over scrap booking paper? The paper bead roller kit is here and fun to use. It would take a little bit of practice and patience to master the “art of rolling paper” into paper beads but a few tries should do it. You will find a step by step photo on how to use the bamboo roller.

The Paper Bead Roller Kit

The Paper Bead Roller Kit

It comes with: 225 strips of cut-out magazines, 2 tubes of 2cc Diamond Glaze, 2 sets of bamboo roller and 2 brushes.

First Step: Take a strip of cut-out magazine, and with the right side facing you fold the edge to about one eighth on an inch.

First step

First step

Second Step: Take bamboo roller with the slat in your right hand and insert the base of the paper triangle with the fold in between the slat.  You take the other part with your left hand and insert it in between the slat and the paper.

Step Two

Step Two

Step Three: Start rolling the paper with your thumb and fingers as shown:


Step Four: You continue rolling with your fingers until you have about 2 1/2 inches left.img_34821

Step Five: Squeeze a little bit of the Diamond Glaze, not a lot since they can dry up really fast, just about a size of a quarter onto a disposable plate.img_3483

Step Six: Take the brush and brush the remaining 2 1/2 inch of paper with the glue.img_3487

Step Seven:  Continue rolling the rest of the paper.  It’s okay to get the glue on the other parts of the paper bead because it also serves as the top coat.img_3488

Step Eight:  Now you are ready to remove the part of the bamboo roller that is in your left hand.img_3491

Step Nine: Squeeze the paper bead gently and slide it off the bamboo roller.img_3493

Step Ten:  You would then put the paper bead on a tooth pick and stick it on a styrofoam to dry.  After an hour you can reapply the glaze again until you get the desired result.img_3503

Make as many as you like, enough to make a piece of jewelry or a lot for a bigger project.


You can purchase the Paper Bead Bamboo Roller Kit at our online shop: or

The Bamboo Paper Bead Roller Kit

The Bamboo Paper Bead Roller Kit

It comes with already made paper beads as seen on this photo.

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How to use a paper bead roller

Posted on Mar 24, 2009 in How-To's / Tutorials | 1 comment

Updated: 11/05/09

We now have an updated tutorial: How to use a “METAL” Bamboo Paper Bead Roller.  And it is available for purchase at Aubrey’s BeadsMetal/Bamboo Paper Bead Roller Kit.


Watch our video on how to make paper beads, using the bamboo paper bead roller.

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