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A Ball of Paper Strings

Posted on Jul 1, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | Comments Off on A Ball of Paper Strings

The women from the Philippines is known for making fine handicrafts from coiled magazines.  An organization Ten Thousand Villages help artisans from all over the world market their products.  These are some of the handicrafts done by the Philippines Women Cooperative.


I have received two balls of magazine paper strings to try from my sister.  I promised her that I will do something with it, and these are what I have come up with, besides providing hours of playtime with my cats; Julius and Midas:)

Ball of Magazine String

Strings of cut magazine pages are woven by hand and rolled into balls of strings, how neat is that?  This could be decorative as well, fill a vase with paper balls as a center piece, what do you think?

Ball of Magazine Strings

We are always in need of coasters, you must have them too all over your house, so I made one by just coiling it and I lacquered it after so it is water resistant (more or less).

Ball of Magazine Strings

I also wrapped a wooden bangle with it, glued it at the underside and wrapped red silk strings around it.  I really like this one, it is so festive and Asian looking too.

Ball Of Magazine Strings

I have received Aileen’s paper beads yesterday for the Paper Bead Trade, and they are so pretty and the pattern of the paper she used came out really nice.  The nice thing about this trade is you get paper beads from everybody, and I will label each one of them who is it from.


I was scheduled to post the tutorial on the button ring, somehow encountered a glitch on youtube, so it will have to wait, maybe tomorrow when I fixed it.

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