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Beads Out Of Hand Made Paper

Posted on Sep 2, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 3 comments

My sister Joann who lives in the Philippines and does nothing all day but make paper beads (I am not kidding!), found these hand made paper at a local market. They are made out of layers of tissue paper and encased between these layers are leaves, rose petals and apparently you can just incorporate anything that you want to make your paper special. She is on a mission right now making her own paper and I would love to try it too one of these days. I would like to share with you the paper beads she made out of these hand made paper.


As you can see here up close, are leaves that are placed in between the layers


When you cut this out and make them into paper beads, it makes that bead more special.


The Philippines is also famous for abacca paper, which is from a plant, they make fabric and paper out of it, just like these paper it has texture and substance.


These beads are 2 inches wide and it looks really pretty as earrings.


You really don’t need anything else, it is pretty just as it is, don’t you think?


I am amazed at the variety of paper that is out there, just like fabric they all come in different colors and textures….


Another extraordinary day!


I will be drawing out a name for the Graduated Beads with the Turtle Charm on Friday 🙂


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