Paper Beads To Trade

Posted on Oct 24, 2010 in Paper Bead Creations | 12 comments

Today, Kayla and I had so much fun opening envelopes eager to see the different paper beads from places near and far, all works of art, a labor of love 🙂   They are a beautiful mixture of browns, oranges, beige, reds, pumpkin………they will make a nice bead soup with a little sprinkle of spice and everything nice.  It just brings out the poet in me 😉

This is from Anne, beautiful browns with swirls of gold, browns and pink.


…from Donna, I love the sparkly coral and copper beads.


Debbie has these really cool candy corn beads.


Linda’s have some pumpkin and cinnamon in them


Sanja’s beads would be great as filler beads, they are so uniform in size and almost look like wood beads


Also from Sanja, flower pendant necklace, it’s pretty the way she mixed the spice and green together like that.

Necklace by Sanja

Claire, sent nice spotted egg like beads, barrel shaped and cones with gold foil, nice assortment.


Denise’s are perfectly shaped olive shapes and tube shapes, great also as filler beads


Cathy from the Villages!  I would like to call her beads Fiesta Beads, they are a nice mixture of happy colors.


Deb’s is what I also call perfect olive shapes, I think she has perfected the small beads!


Bronwen sent us nice tube shapes in different sizes in beautiful brown tones


Julie and mom June is what I call petite olive shapes, love the orange and the greens all uniform in shape.


Gisela’s beads look like glass beads, she has perfected the art I should say.  She included one large bead that I’m tempted to keep for myself, instead I will incorporate it into a piece for the end of swap raffle drawing.  The terra cotta colored beads are beautiful as well.


Kathy sent us us beautiful pumpkin colors, the yellow ones are the color of squash, the browns reminds me of chocolate rice krispies and the colorful beads look like African trade beads.


Emily, I love your barrel shaped beads, and the predominant colors are what I call purple yam.


Last but not least are Kayla’s, she made them out of scrap booking paper because she want them in fall colors.  They are 1/2 inch at the base and 12 inches long.  The two beads below have the same dimensions: 1/2 by 12 inches, but you can see that the brown bead is slightly bigger, that is because it is thicker paper.


Kayla made them in different shapes and size, will look good for our bead soup.


Next Postl: Long convertible necklace that Kayla and I put together.  We think it will be appropriate for the swap because it can display all the different beads from every body.  ‘Til then……


  1. Oh, I so wish I could have participated this time! Everyone did such a fantastic job and it is so fun to see everyone’s different color variations.

  2. I too thank Janice and Kayla for their work on the bead swap. You have inspired me to be more creative in color and size selections in paper! It is driving my husband nuts….but he is happy I am happy and the cost of this is lower than my addiction to fabrics for quilts and fabric projects!

  3. WOW! What beautiful beads. This is my first bead exchange and I am really excited to receive my beads. Thanks to everyone for their hard work. A special thank you to Janice and Kayla. Without them this wouldn’t be possible.

  4. Everyone did such a great job!!! I love them all!!

  5. Wow! Fantastic job on the beads. Thank you Janice for your inspiration and for introducing me to a new love – paper beads!

  6. wow! Great job everyone! They look beautiful! I’m so happy and I can’t wait to make something from the beads 😀

  7. These are absolutely beautiful. I love the fall colors and different shapes. Can’t wait to see the bead soup. Thank you, Janice for your kind and encouraging words. This is so wonderful and I am so excited about this project. Just to have found people that love paper beads as much as I do is really great.

  8. Oh, wow! What a variety and so much fun!!! Everyone is so talented! I love all of them so much!!!

  9. Wow! What beautiful beads everyone! I’m so excited! And I couldn’t agree with Donna more — Thank you, Janice, you are such a wonderful inspiration to all of us!

  10. I will be sending mine tomorrow, or as soon as possible!

  11. I am so excited to see everyone’s beads! The different colors, shapes and sizes are amazing. I can hardly wait to receive a bead or two from each of you to make a bracelet or whatever we do. I can assure ALL of you, this will be a piece that I will always cherish.

    And Janice, it’s because of what you do that inspires us all, especially me—this website, your awesome tutorials and above all your encouragement and kind words. Thank you.

  12. Wow! What a Fantastic job everyone did on their beads!!!Also thanks for the kind words Janice…